Letter to My Daughter on her College Graduation

Dear Jocelyn,

As you graduate from college this weekend, I know you are dreading the end of what you have called “the best years of your life.”  I understand this feeling more than you would ever know.  As I’ve put together this book for you and have reminisced over years past, I remember all the stages of life that I never, ever wanted to end, only to find that the next stage was even better than the one before.

I remember being pregnant for the very first time and feeling that precious life growing inside of me.  I was happier than I had ever been and never wanted that feeling or experience to end.  As anyone who knew me could attest to, I was the happiest pregnant woman they had ever met. I could have gone on forever experiencing the miracle of having a baby (you) growing inside of me.  That experience, though, came to an end on the day you were born.  What happened to me on that day, April 1, 1990, was the greatest miracle that I, until then, had ever experienced.  Becoming a mother was, NOW, the best moment of my life.

And so the story continued, the best days of my life just kept leading to the best days of my life.  As I watched you grow through the years, I remember saying to myself, “If I could only stop time right now….”.   As a baby, I wanted to keep you small and hold you in my arms forever.  As a toddler, I wanted to keep you and all of your adorable cuteness that way forever.  Then as you grew and became the smartest, funniest and most talented daughter I could have ever imagined, I was able to brag about you for days on end.  I never wanted that to be over and, fortunately for me, it has never ended.  You continue to make me so proud.

Your strength, your leadership and your amazing ability to make friends are attributes that I have always admired about you.  These remarkable qualities are what will continue to lead you to success in life.  Although graduation marks the end of what have been the best years of your life, know from your mother’s experience, that the best is yet to come.

Jocelyn, these are the best years of your life.  The times that you are living at each and every moment of your life, the NOW, are and will forever be the best times of your life.  Sure, there will be some tears and heartache along the way, but know that they are the doors opening to something even greater.  Remember that and live and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest.  Someday, which will come sooner than you think, you will be putting together a memory book like this for your baby and you will look back and know just what I mean.

You are my precious angel and I couldn’t be more proud of you today.  I wish you all the happiness and success this world has to offer.  Congratulations on your graduation and the beginning of the best years of your life!  I love you always.


Mom                                                                                                                         June 2012


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